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Friends of Columbia

Friends of Columbia Primary School is a registered charity in England and Wales (#1194309). As parents and carers of children at Columbia Primary School, you are automatically a member of Friends of Columbia. The Charity’s purpose is to advance the education of pupils in the school by developing effective relationships between staff and parents, and fundraising and organising activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school. How active a role you take in the Charity is entirely up to you – but truly, every little helps!
WhatsApp is the main mode of communication between parents in the Friends of Columbia. There are groups for each year group, as well as a central group.  To be added to the relevant year groups for your children, or to the main group, please email: 

Friends of Columbia uses other social media to commuicate. Here are the details:

Facebook: Friends Of Columbia.
Instagram: @friendsofcolumbia
Twitter @FoCprimary

Friends of Columbia also has an easy fundraising page where you can raise money for Columbia simply by shopping.


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