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Homework Policy

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Homework Policy

Columbia Primary School 

At Columbia we believe children need the opportunity to rest and play after a hard day’s work at school.

We also believe that a small amount of homework can benefit children.  We believe homework should:

  • support the work children do in school;
  • give children the opportunity to practise their learning;
  • encourage children to work independently;
  • be fun; and
  • be easy to organise.

The following describes our approach to homework.

For all children:

Each half term:

  • On the half termly curriculum newsletter, there is a suggested project and trip related to the year group topic.
  • Children can tell their classmates about the project and the trips they have been on.

Every two or three weeks:

  • Parents receive a text map relating to the text type children are learning about in English.

Each week:

  • Children receive phonics or spelling homework.
  • Children receive handwriting homework.

Every day

  • Children bring books home with them every day. Some of these have been chosen by the teacher, others by the children themselves.
  • Children should read every night.

In all year groups, other homework will be given by teachers occasionally, when it supports the work children are doing in school.

Homework is regularly checked by teachers.  Feedback is given to children either verbally or through marking.

For children in Yrs 5 and 6

We set more homework for children in Yrs 5 and 6 to help prepare them for secondary school and to practice what they have learnt in school.

In addition to the homework given to all children across the school:

  • Yr 5 receive weekly maths homework; and
  • Yr 6 receive weekly maths and grammar homework.

When children first receive homework we will support them to bring it in on time by giving them regular reminders and talking to their parents.  If children continue to forget their homework or do not do it, they will miss some golden time or play time in order to catch up on the missed homework.

Parents can support their children by making sure they have time to complete their homework, providing a quiet space so they can concentrate, checking it is done and reminding them to bring it into school on the correct day.

Homework Guidance for Parents

The school is also keen for parents to spend time with their children at home, talking and encouraging learning in as many ways as possible.  A booklet called ‘Homework Guidance for Parents’ contains many suggestions for out of school learning.  This is distributed at the start of the year and is available on the school website.  The school runs weekly Family Friday sessions and Tuesday Twilights which often give suggestions about how to support your child with learning at home.

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