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School Governors

School governors are drawn from different parts of the community, such as parents, the Staff, the local authority (LA), the Community and other groups.

Governors are responsibile for promoting high standards, setting targets, the school’s finances, the curriculum, appointments, reviewing performance and pay and much more.  For a full list of governors, their roles and term and their pencuniary and business interests click here.  For their attendance click here

PARENT GOVERNORS – selected by election (or appointment if insufficient people stand for election) and drawn from parents and carers of children at the school.

STAFF GOVERNORS – selected by election from teaching and support staff paid to work at the school

CO-OPTED GOVERNORS – appointed by the governing body to serve the needs of the school

LA GOVERNORS – appointed by the Local Authority

School Governors are:
Headteacher – Oliver Woodward
Teacher Governor – Shah Yusuf Ali

Parent Governors are:
Anita Barzey

Justin Hopgood

Tilly Munro (Vice Chair of Governing Body and Chair of Curriculum Committee)

Md Zafor Sadeque

Co-opted Governors are:

Gwen Wright (Chair of Finance)

Stephanie Collins (Chair of Governing Body)

Russell Viegas

Alan Russell

LA Governors are:
Juliana Iwobi (link governor for Child Protection and Health and Safety)

We have two committees which meet regularly.  They are the Curriculum and General Purposes Committee and the Finance and Pay Committee.

Curriculum and General Purpose Committee

Terms of reference


Oliver Woodward

Justin Hopgood

Tilly Munro (Chair)

Anita Barzey

Stephanie Collins

Finance and Pay Committee

Terms of reference


Juliana Iwobi

Alan Russell

Gwen Wright (Chair)

Oliver Woodward


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